Content Policy

Most content on this blog is my opinion or original creative work. Unless otherwise noted, all posts are copyright Rose B. Fischer and cannot be redistributed without my knowledge or written consent.

  • Featured images and illustrations will be public domain wherever possible. When I can’t find an appropriate public domain image, I rely on free stock images. Credits are listed in the captions wherever possible. When not possible, you can find them on the credits page.
  • I occasionally post thumbnails of artwork or design resources created by others. I have permission from the artists to do so, and there is always a link back to their website (usually to the original piece.)

The only items being offered for download directly are my own creations.

Terms of Use For Art and Graphic Resources

Any image or resource on this site or in my DeviantArt Gallery that was posted before November 4, 2012 is strictly for personal, non-commercial use unless otherwise specified.

TOU Updated 3/10/15
Featured Images used to illustrate my blog posts may not be used unless permission is given in the post.

Any image or design resource posted in the Get Graphic section of the site is now free to use with no restrictions.

  • If you wish to share my  design resources or create stock from my stock, you must offer them for free with no restriction.
  • You must upload them to your own server
  • You must notify me by email.
  • You may not bundle and resell my stock as is. (You must edit the stock significantly —more than just changing the color or cropping.)

Special premium packs are offered from time to time as a way of helping to support the site. All proceeds go toward my hosting and hardware related costs. I don’t make a profit from Get Graphic. If you have profitted from the site, please consider making a small donation.

Contact me by email for stock use questions.
(encompass.rose.design [at] gmail [dot] com or rosebfischer1 [at] gmail [dot] com)

Don’t leave a usage question comment on the blog or gallery posts; I may not see it for weeks.  I check my email accounts at least once a day.

Comment Policy

Communication and open discussion are important on this blog. It’s also important to me that all discussions remain safe, civil, and constructive. Moderation is on for first time commenters. I try to approve as many comments as possible as quickly as possible, but there are some things I won’t approve.

  • Links in first-time comments unless the comment also contains constructive feedback or a response that adds something to a discussion. Please don’t just show up and ask me to go read your blog or website without adding something to the discussions here.
  • Disrespectful, cruel, or prejudiced comments no matter who the target.
    Comments that consist of nothing but a bunch of religious quotes. (No matter what the text or which side you’re arguing.) I welcome people who disagree with my views. Please support your statements with reasoning, not religious rhetoric or anti-religious rhetoric.

Please understand that your opinion is not sacrosanct.